Unique Features

LoLegacy provides a rich set of features which guarantee that you can enjoy League of Legends to the fullest extent. Right on your mobile devices.

Complete LoL Data

LoLegacy is made to be an encyclopedia of League of Legends. The app offers a variety of latest content including champions, items, runes, builds, lore, and more. Any League enthusiasts will easily find themselves satisfied.

High Performance

We get data directly from the official League of Legend and other trusted third-party services. LoLegacy delivers a blazing fast experience no matter whether you are looking for a champion build or tracking a particular summoner profile.

Built by Players

We love playing League of Legends as much as you do, that's why we make this app. As players ourselves, we understand what you expect and LoLegacy will always be built keeping League players first in mind.

Polished UI

We value user experience highly. LoLegacy features a clean, beautiful User Interface which follows latest, modern mobile application design principles. You will get yourself quickly familiarized and be able to utilize every resource.

Always Up-To-Date Champion Builds

Winning is an important aspect in playing any game. Let LoLegacy help you become triumph on the Summoner's Rift by providing a quick & easy path to your favorite champions builds. You will always stay a step ahead of your opponents. LoLegacy also provides in-depth matchups insights, counters & tips which are everything you need to know to crush your enemy.

Look Up any Summoner's Profile across All Regions

LoLegacy gives access to detailed match history, rank, and statistics of any summoner. Take advantage of this by analyzing your own gameplay or learning from other experienced players. You can also spy your enemies live using the real-time in-game tracker. Master all these tools and become a Master tier player yourself in no time!

(*) Profiles from Garena regions such as VN, PH, etc... are not being supported. They will be added to the app as soon as the data from these servers are made publicly available.

Explore League of Legends Universe

League of Legends is a beautiful game both in & out with amazingly developed characters. Get to know more by experiencing the magical world of Runeterra through a vast collection of biographies, stories and arts. We even feature an inspirational quote of a random champion in every app launch just for you to stay motivated and learn something unique all the time.

Unique Screenshots

Browsing a thorough collection of screenshots which showcase what LoLegacy has to offer including summoners, builds, lore, items, runes and more.


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